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By Geoff Peterson May 22, 2011 Filed Under: Announcements
Blog. News Site. Networking Destination. Event Center. Resource. Knowledge Warehouse. These are all the terms we strive for as we officially launch Mobile Merger. These are the terms we hope define this website for ourselves and the community we hope to build in the coming months and years around the single topic of “mobile.” Mobile is such a general term, so to be more specific, we strive to dive as deep as possible into mobile marketing first and foremost, mobile advertising, mobile commerce, mobile recruiting, mobile apps and mobile technologies. And much like the fast growing and changing landscape of mobile, we too will “drop on a dime” to cover the latest trends in the mobile space. We plan to do this through blog/news entries on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, in addition to offering large-scale online events. Stay tuned to our site for more! You can do this by checking back periodically or by subscribing via RSS in the navigation bar above, opting-in by mobile to receive text message alerts on new content and announcements, or by following us on Twitter. More options to come later.

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Watch our online Mobile Merger event that took place September 15th, 2011. This one-of-a-kind virtual event can be delivered to your desktop or most mobile devices. Hear from innovative business leaders as they share rich content on the mobile revolution. Mobile experts, tech visionaries and interactive gurus from Microsoft, Mozilla, Nokia, Samsung, Hipcricket, Verizon Wireless and AT&T shared hours of how-to's demos and rich discussion aimed at helping you go mobile!REGISTER HERE