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The Mobile Recruiting Experience [PRESENTATION]

By Geoff Peterson May 22, 2011 Filed Under: Mobile Recruiting, Presentations
Last year, Geoff Peterson, Founder of Mobile Merger and Managing Principal of General Lead, had the privilege of presenting on the topic of mobile recruiting at the ERE Expo in San Diego, California, and at First Interview in New Orleans, Louisiana. We have a strong passion for the mobile space and mobile recruiting in particular, as is evident in Our Mobile Marketing Starter Guide, a previous post on mobile technologies.

The following is an abbreviated version of Geoff’s three hour ERE workshop and his one and a half hour talk at First Interview on mobile recruiting titled, The Mobile Recruiting Experience. This slideshow gives an overview of mobile technologies and the mobile recruiting landscape. The reason for not including the original presentation is that it is loaded to the gills with hundreds of slides that require a personal guided tour. The full presentation will be made available upon request.
While some in recruiting at AT&THewittKFC and are making successful strides into mobile recruiting, we have found that mobile is a virtually untapped market. Most in recruiting haven’t realized that mobile represents a smart and cost-effective means for finding, sourcing, recruiting and hiring talent today. Interested in getting started in mobile recruiting or just want to explore the mobile space further? Stay tuned to this site or subscribe by RSS or opt-in via mobile to receive our content. General Lead also offers free mobile consultations, including a copy of the original, uncut presentation. Drop a comment below or use the General Lead contact page for more information.

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