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By Mobile Merger June 20, 2012

Join dozens of innovative speakers and hundreds of attendees for a day loaded with content around mobile recruiting, social recruiting and recruiting technologies.

Get access to recruiting experts, visionaries and interactive gurus from Fortune 500 companies through emerging organizations. Attend hours of how-to’s, live demos and rich discussion around the recruiting space, on your mobile device or computer. No travel required.

By Geoff Peterson March 20, 2012 Filed Under: Announcements

Do you work remote? Are you on the go travelling the majority of the week for your job? Does an airplane, car or a local coffee shop qualify as your current office? Are you among the growing number of professionals working in a virtual environment? If you have answered yes to these questions, then tune in for a one hour “online” chat via Twitter on a very timely topic, “How SMBs can go Mobile”, March 21st from 1-2PM CST.

In this Tweet Chat, get access to knowledgeable professionals on this mobile topic from Dell, Trend Micro and General Lead. Geoff Peterson, Managing Principal of General Lead and Founder of Mobile Merger, will host this Tweet Chat, leading insight on the mobile workforces and the virtual landscape, in addition to hearing from various members of Dell and Trend Micro who will lend their expertise on the mobile topic, including insights, advice, case studies, and products and services.

Specific Details on #DellMobility Tweet Chat

Topics We Will Cover:

Data security and device management within a mobile infrastructure. Creating and managing an efficient mobile workforce. Choosing professional support and correct platform logistics. Will the mobile workforce continue to be a trend for small to midsize businesses and business owners? What advances can small and medium businesses and business owners expect in the next few years?

How to Join the #DellMobility Tweet Chat:

We recommend using a tool like TweetChat or TweetDeck to follow the conversation. Just sign in to either of these tools with your Twitter account, enter the #DellMobility hash tag in a search, and join the conversation. The conversation will appear similar to a chat room. The Tweet Chat will take place on March 21st from 1-2PM CST on Twitter.


As a bonus for taking part in this Tweet Chat, Dell is giving away a DELL LATITUDE E6320 loaded with Trend Micro Security Solutions to one lucky participant (Terms & Conditions here). Additional information on the giveaway will be provided during the Tweet Chat.

Additional information can be found on the Dell website here. We look forward to seeing you there! Drop any questions in the comments below, or direct them on Twitter to @GeoffPeterson for more.

By Geoff Peterson December 20, 2011 Filed Under: Mobile Advertising

Mobile coupons continue to be all the rage with consumers today, no doubt with the popularity and success of Groupon and Living Social. The surprising information pulled from several surveys by Microsoft recently is that only 39% of retailers offer mobile coupons or plan to offer location-based coupons and offers via mobile devices in the near future.

The following is a short 2 minute video clip on the mobile coupons trend from the “Channeling Success in Mobile Advertising” presentation by Jeff Plaisted, Sr. Director US Mobile Advertising Sales, Microsoft Advertising, at the Mobile Merger Online Event that took place this last September.

By Emil Wisch September 7, 2011 Filed Under: Announcements, Mobile Technology

Here’s a brief session description of ‘The World of Multiple Screens and Contextual Applications’ presented by Mark Doherty, WW Evangelist, Adobe:

2010 has seen Flash technology evolve into a multi-screen web and application platform, created to drive innovation on the web and deliver new experiences on desktops, mobile phones, netbooks, tablets and televisions. In this session we’ll look at ecosystem challenges and learn how to leverage the Abode Creative Suite to create stunning, rich and cost effective applications.

Mark’s Bio: Mark is the Platform Evangelist for Mobile and Devices at Adobe, working to create a vibrant ecosystem around Flash and AIR for smartphones, tablets and televisions. He has spent ten years working in the mobile industry, including six years at Adobe working with the world’s leading

By Roger Marquis September 7, 2011 Filed Under: QR and 2D Bar Codes

As a company considers the use of 2D barcodes for advertising, promotion or general business purposes, the one question that will inevitably be raised or asked by the organization’s marketing and/or creative team is, how should we select a 2D barcode provider?

Before delving into this subject matter, let’s first define what is and/or makes for a 2D barcode provider, and an exceptional one at that. Search for a provider on Google and typically you will get results for companies that offer one to three basic services and/or capabilities: code generation, code management and code tracking/reporting. Some of these services/capabilities might be free, while others have an expense associated with them. While these might be the most common

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Here’s a brief session description of Emerging Technology “Mobility” presented by Harry Martin, Director, Advanced Wireless Communications Technologies, Verizon Wireless:

Today there are newly emerging technologies including 4G LTE (long term evolution) networks and a host of others. What does this mean to businesses and customers? How does everyone benefit using smartphones, tablets, laptops, netbooks and gaming devices? How will this change the mobile landscape and open ways to do business? What new revenue streams will emerge in mobile as a result of these new technologies?

Harry’s Bio: Harry Martin is the Director of Advanced Technologies for Verizon Wireless’ Philadelphia Tri-State Region. In this role, Harry leads a team responsible for overseeing the company’s rollout of the latest, cutting-edge wireless data devices and advanced services in one of the nation’s most

By Max Katz September 6, 2011 Filed Under: Demos, Mobile Development
Here’s a sneak peek at the Tiggr Mobile Apps Builder. Max Katz demonstrates how to build a Twitter search mobile app with Tiggr.
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Here’s a brief session description of ‘How To: Launch a Successful Mobile Product‘ presented by Saj Sahay, VP, Channel Marketing, Palm Global Business Unit at Hewlett-Packard: You’ve developed a mobile product or service such as an app, game, tool or device. The next step is to launch and go-to-market. How do you do this correctly? This session will give you everything you need from Situation Analysis & Competitive Landscape, Product Positioning & Identifying Key Point Of Differentiation, Competitive Analysis & Key Rebuttal Points, Go-to-Market Launch Plans and Pricing Strategy. Saj’s Bio: Born and raised till the age of 12 in India, Saj and family immigrated to the US in the late 1970s. He spent the next 13 years in Chicago, completing his bachelor’s degree in Economics at the University of Chicago. Saj then spent the next five years in Europe, primarily Spain and the UK,
By Mike Mai August 31, 2011 Filed Under: Mobile Web Deisgn

Mobile is happening right now. It is not another trend or craze. If you are still thinking about it, you are already behind. Now is the time to act, and web designers all around need to evolve and become mobile minded. Having recently made the transition to mobile, I’d like to share a few things I’ve learned with my fellow designers. Consider the following when designing for mobile.

1. Responsive Layout vs Separate Site

This is a hot topic among web designers nowadays. There are pros and cons for each of these two options. Let me break it down for you.

By Roger Marquis August 30, 2011 Filed Under: Mobile Marketing, QR and 2D Bar Codes

Let’s play a game. Step 1: Locate a popular consumer magazine or local daily newspaper. Step 2: Find an advertisement in the publication that displays or features a QR Code or Microsoft Tag. Step 3: Scan the code. Step 4: Experience the journey between the print world and the digital world. Step 5: Set the advertisement and your mobile phone to the side and please continue to read on.

Without my seeing the advertisement you chose or experiencing its scan resolve content, I will wager that, if I were to remake the advertisement, mine would be much better and more effective than the original. Here’s why.

Reason #1: Descriptive/Instructional Copy My advertisement would include copy along side the QR Code or Microsoft Tag, which informs the consumer of the following: type of code shown, where/how to download a code reader app, scan call-to-action, non-smartphone details (i.e., text/short code or URL address information), and where/what the code will resolve to. Does your advertisement have any and/or all of that information?

By Emil Wisch August 19, 2011 Filed Under: Announcements, Mobile Advertising
Here’s a brief session description of ‘Channeling Success in Mobile Advertising’ presented by Jeff Plaisted, Director of U.S. Sales and Strategy, Mobile Advertising at Microsoft: Successfully leveraging mobile apps, browsers, search, video, and rich and local media to meaningfully impact the bottom line can be challenging even for the most seasoned marketer. Join us during this presentation to learn how world class brands are breaking through the white noise of the medium and are utilizing these and other mobile advertising channels to drive consumers through the purchase funnel – from awareness through purchase and beyond – at scale. Jeff’s Bio: Jeff Plaisted oversees Mobile Advertising Sales Strategy and a team of Mobile Media experts responsible for developing scalable, multi-platform advertising solutions that leverage mobile assets from Microsoft, Verizon Wireless and a host of other mobile web and application partners. A
By Laura Hampton August 14, 2011 Filed Under: Mobile Web Deisgn
It’s a commonly held belief that designing for the mobile web is all about creating something for “users on-the-go”, the user who checks his/her phone while waiting at the bus stop or the user who nonchalantly browses while commuting into work. But the truth is that we have evolved past that; no longer is mobile a novelty and no longer will the user accept anything short of an excellent experience.

Understanding the Mobile User

The rise in mobile use, including mobile devices like the iPad and other tablets, as well as smartphones, has led to a far more mobile savvy user. While once upon a time they were looking for quick wins and easy finds, mobile users are now using their mobile as they would a desktop device; they surf, they browse, they check in with contacts – and they do it both “on-the-go” and not! Think of the way you use your own mobile. There have more than likely been times when you have used your device to perform a task or fulfil a need that goes beyond wasting time at that bus stop. Perhaps you used your mobile because it’s quicker than loading up a laptop, perhaps you simply prefer to use your mobile… The point here is that we all need to better understand the mobile user before we can even contemplate creating a mobile presence to satisfy their needs. It is through this understanding that we can then go on to structure our content and create something genuinely useful and engaging
By Emil Wisch August 12, 2011 Filed Under: Giveaways

Mobile Merger is immensely excited to announce The “Mobile Mesh” Contest sponsored by HubSpot. It’s been absolutely excruciating to try and keep this thing to ourselves.

Who can enter? ANYONE.

Do I have to jump through a bunch of hoops to enter? NO!

We’re hungry for success stories of businesses and consumers utilizing mobile technologies and mobile marketing which: empower business owners, keep customers happy & loyal, make the world a better place…

By Laura Hampton August 8, 2011 Filed Under: Mobile Web Design

Mobile is the word of the moment. It’s everywhere, from app production to mobile marketing and mobile website design. But it’s not a fad; mobile is here to stay. To help you get to grips with the medium, here’s our definitive guide design for the mobile web:

Understanding the mobile experience is the key to creating your mobile representation. It is only when we fully understand what our users are looking for and how we can benefit them on a mobile device that we can start to design. Take a look at The Mobile User Experience for more on the mobile user experience.

Depending on the nature of the services provided as well as the perceived needs of users, a targeted mobile experience can be provided in a number of ways:
  • Optimization of a desktop website using targeted style sheets
  • Creation of a dedicated mobile site
  • Development of a standalone app
Here are 5 things you should think about when designing for the mobile web:

1. More than ‘streamlined’ content

Screen ‘real-estate’ is at a premium on a mobile device, and for this reason, it’s not feasible to provide mobile users the full website experience. That’s not to say, however, that mobile web content should just be a streamlined version of its ‘desktop’ equivalent. Instead, think what does my mobile user need and consider how best to structure your content to meet those needs. The lack of space is further compounded by the download speeds of mobile phones; because they have less memory than your laptop, they often take longer to load a page. Your mobile website should therefore be designed and developed in the most economical manner. For some, that will mean really cutting down your content and focusing on what is really essential for the end user; perhaps you might condense long paragraphs of text into quicker bullet points, or consider re-designing the navigation to section content in a more mobile-friendly manner. BUT don’t fall into the trap of omitting the things that make your user experience; if your images and videos improve the user experience, they should be a part of your mobile website. Just bear in mind image sizes and how your videos play to ensure they both work and work well on your site.
By Geoff Peterson July 7, 2011 Filed Under: Mobile Marketing
Great article over at Simply Zesty today on Mobile Marketing: The 10 Facts You Need to Know. The post outlines the essential facts to help people and businesses alike get their arms around mobile marketing, helping them to navigate the mobile industry waters. The facts include a breakout of areas such as the app marketplace, mobile internet, mobile commerce and mobile payments along with a look at how photos are prominent in mobile usage. Here are the essential facts of mobile marketing we discovered:
Essential Facts of Mobile Marketing:
  1. With regards to mobile apps: 93% of users who have downloaded a gaming app stated they would be willing to pay for it, and 76% of downloaders would be willing to pay to access a mobile news app.
  2. As far as mobile phone usage: For smartphone owners, they’re using the ‘phone’ 15% of the time, while 56% of time is spent on mobile apps, followed by email and messaging at 19%.
  3. On the topic of mobile commerce: A survey of 15,000 mobile users across 14 countries found that 35% prefer shopping via mobile, compared to 15% who preferred shopping via their laptop or PC.
  4. With mobile advertising: 47% of mobile users in a study claimed they click on mobile ads by mistake, due to the smaller screen size, and this figure will be alarming for many brands, as up to 47% of your ad spend could be completely wasted.
  5. Concerning mobile payments: PayPal recently stated that they’re processing up to $10 million in mobile transactions each day, and even better than that, it is expected to reach $3 billion in total by the end of 2011.
  6. Interesting stat on mobile photos: In a survey of UK smartphone users, 70% use their phones for storing photos.
What are some essential facts of mobile marketing that you aren’t seeing on this list? Do you have any mobile marketing facts you can share with our readers? If so, please add them in the comments section below.
By Geoff Peterson July 7, 2011 Filed Under: Mobile Networking
Social media is an integral part of any mobile strategy or campaign, whether it be integrating and using the proper tools all the way to real engagement with users on mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops and iPads. If you’re serious about fusing social media with mobile, consider taking a look at an extensive list in the making from Jeremiah Owyang of Altimeter Group on “Social Media Strategists“. This list was started over a year ago on Jeremiah’s blog Web Strategy and has swelled to over 500 names of social media decision makers, managers and specialists broken out by fields. Most have a hyperlink to their professional LinkedIn profiles. Using this list, you’ll be able to identify targets to reach out to, or use as resources and learn from moving forward. This list will no doubt provide you with an excellent starting point for identifying social media expertise. Some of the resources listed are also in the mobile space or hold mobile titles as well. In addition, check out the links to reports and other social media resources shared along with the list. If you’re looking for more on the association of social media and mobile, Jeff Stautz, Director of Mobile at Hootsuite, will be speaking on the topic of “Turbo-Charge Your Social Media Strategy” at the Mobile Merger online event in September.
By Geoff Peterson May 22, 2011 Filed Under: Location-Based Services, Mobile Marketing
Are you using location-based services yet? Chances are you’ve received a "use your current location" pop-up message on your mobile phone by now. That message is being directed from a site you’re visiting on the mobile web or from an application you’ve downloaded to your phone. These services want to use your current location to update you on local events, news, weather and even special offers and coupons from businesses nearby to you. The use of location-based services is an emerging trend being adopted today on mobile devices, smartphones in particular. 

What does this mean for marketing? Simply put, it’s the closest thing to "real-time" marketing we’ve seen yet. It allows several ways to not only discover new leads for our business, but pinpoint exactly where they are at a given moment. This is a big-time game changer for the entire marketing industry.

Here are the top reasons why marketers need to pay attention to the location-based trend today:

Discover More Networking Opportunities

By now, you or your company should already have a presence on the most popular social and business networks including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. While away from your desk or working remote, mobile devices have their own separate services, such as Loopt and Mocospace. These mobile social networks provide those in sales and marketing with yet another avenue to reach new clients that are unaccessible or not found through other means. For some, mobile networks such as Mocospace are the only means they have of being social online, as they do not have a computer at home or access to social networks at work. Statistics show that hispanics and households with lower incomes do not have access to the Internet from a PC. You must pay special attention to mobile networks for this reason alone. 
By Geoff Peterson May 22, 2011 Filed Under: Mobile Recruiting, Presentations
Last year, Geoff Peterson, Founder of Mobile Merger and Managing Principal of General Lead, had the privilege of presenting on the topic of mobile recruiting at the ERE Expo in San Diego, California, and at First Interview in New Orleans, Louisiana. We have a strong passion for the mobile space and mobile recruiting in particular, as is evident in Our Mobile Marketing Starter Guide, a previous post on mobile technologies.

The following is an abbreviated version of Geoff’s three hour ERE workshop and his one and a half hour talk at First Interview on mobile recruiting titled, The Mobile Recruiting Experience. This slideshow gives an overview of mobile technologies and the mobile recruiting landscape. The reason for not including the original presentation is that it is loaded to the gills with hundreds of slides that require a personal guided tour. The full presentation will be made available upon request.
While some in recruiting at AT&THewittKFC and are making successful strides into mobile recruiting, we have found that mobile is a virtually untapped market. Most in recruiting haven’t realized that mobile represents a smart and cost-effective means for finding, sourcing, recruiting and hiring talent today.
By Geoff Peterson May 22, 2011 Filed Under: Mobile Marketing
Mobile devices are everywhere today, and nearly everyone is packing a device on the go from smartphones and gaming devices to netbooks and iPads. Kids, teenagers and adults alike are all using their mobile devices in full force. No matter where you go whether it be a restaurant, an office building, the subway, a mall, you name it. Look around and you’ll notice nearly everyone is using their mobile devices for something. The key thing to notice is that most are not using it just for phone calls, but rather to send and receive text messages, browse the web for information, play games, listen to music and much more. Regardless of your profession, whether it be marketing, recruiting or information technology, you need to figure out a how to utilize the growing mobile space to your advantage. If you are not already fully immersed in mobile strategies, the key questions to ask yourself are “how do I go mobile” or “how do I merger mobile into my business?” Read on and we’ll share a ideas to get you moving into mobile, fast!

Get Familiar With The Mobile Scene

A good start on this front would be to research the terms SMS, MMSshort codes and QR codes via Wikipedia. These terms have become synonymous with mobile marketing and mobile technologies. Continue by reading up on industry leading blogs such as Mobile Marketer, Mobile Marketing Watch, Mobile Marketing Profits, IntoMobileCommunities Dominate Brands and mTrends. In addition, check out these four books: The Mobile Marketing Handbook, Mobile Advertising: Supercharge Your Brand in the Exploding Wireless Market, Mobile Marketing: Achieving Competitive Advantage Through Wireless Technology, and Mobile as 7th of the Mass Media. Finally, don’t forget to stop by the Mobile Marketing Association which has a wealth of resources to soak up.
By Geoff Peterson May 22, 2011 Filed Under: Announcements
Please join us online September 15th for Mobile Merger, a truly one-of-a-kind virtual event on the mobile industry answering the question “how do you incorporate mobile into your business?” The destination event is dying! With the rapid growth and use of online technologies for meeting and calls, with the likes of Skype and GoToMeeting, the need to shell out big money to network and learn at events happening thousands of miles away from your home is going away fast. Why pay thousands towards event admission, airfare, hotel, meals, drinks and entertainment, when you can get the same experience, if not greater, from the comfort of your office or home? These vary questions lead us to develop this website and specifically the Mobile Merger event on September 15th. For a fraction of the cost we will show you how our event will bring superior value to that of an onsite event. Read below for more information.