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At Mobile Merger, we’re dedicated to providing content and resources in the name of incorporating mobile into business. In an effort to nurture our rich community and share case studies and best practices of ‘going mobile’, we want your success stories of businesses and consumers utilizing mobile technologies and mobile marketing which: empower business owners, keep customers happy & loyal, make the world a better place…and so on.


GET EXPOSURE. We’ll write about your success story so our community can learn from, and be inspired by your trials and tribulations. We’ll link back to your website and any BLOG POSTS, ARTICLES, VIDEOS, PHOTOS, DOCUMENTS, etc. you provide us as additional evidence.

Examples of “Mobile Success Stories” include:
  • A sidewalk-chalk QR code design, talking digital sign or productivity-boosting tablet utility
  • The killer mobile app or mobilized website you built, creating unearthly buzz for your client
  • That mobile game which brings hours of timesuck or an SMS/text alert baiting patrons w/ mobile coupons
  • A brilliant Foursquare marketing campaign or mobile video ad that’s disrupting your industry


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