Welcome to Mobile Merger 2012 (15 minutes)

    The official kickoff to Mobile Merger. Geoff Peterson, Founder of Mobile Merger and Managing Principal of General Lead, will open Mobile Merger with an introduction to the event including an idea of how the event will benefit recruiting leaders at the manager, director and vice president levels, will lay the groundwork of how to interact with presenters and attendees, will tell you how to get the most from the entire day’s sessions and activities and present a roundup and thank you to all Mobile Merger sponsors.

    Speakers: Geoff Peterson, Mobile Merger

    The Importance of Understanding The Wants and Needs of the Mobile User
    (45 minutes)

    Imagination and technology advances yield new mobile products and services on a daily basis. But just because it was built doesn’t mean that they will come. What we will cover in this keynote session: The latest behaviors and interests of the mobile subscriber and how they are tied to the success and failure of mobile programs. The danger of chasing so-called shiny objects instead of the proven tactics that bring business results. The insights of more than three dozen marketers interviewed in Jeff Hasen’s book, Mobilized Marketing: Driving Sales, Engagement, and Loyalty Through Mobile Devices. How to measure a campaign’s results. How to stay current and be on the lookout for the trends that will stick. And last, The importance of aligning mobile efforts with goals.

    Speaker: Jeff Hasen, Hipcricket


    The Next Big Thing in Recruiting (30 minutes)

    There are no shortage of avenues and resources for our recruiting teams to tap into today with social networks, business networks, search engines, job boards, online communities, blogs and more. Social networking with Facebook and Twitter were the most talked about and widely adopted recruiting strategies of the past few years. Mobile and local search with SMS/Text messaging campaigns and nearby search technologies are the latest recruiting trends making the rounds at this very moment. But what is coming around the corner for recruiting and sourcing? What technologies will we be looking to in the next 3 months, 6 months and 1 year out? Will it be a continued and refined emphasis on what is already here with social and mobile? What will happen to job boards…perhaps an evolution? What will your recruiting focus, strategies and budget look like moving into 2013 and beyond?

    In this interactive 30 minute session, recruiting leaders from industry leading companies Hyatt, Oracle and Starbucks will explore what is “The Next Big Thing in Recruiting”. Join the discussion live as they draw on their unique industry experiences from hospitality, software, high-tech, retail and consumer packaged goods. Each recruiting leader has their own insight into what is working to find, engage and hire top talent for their respective businesses, and each has a strong pulse on where recruiting and sourcing strategies are heading.

    Share your ideas and thoughts on recruiting technologies you see that are going to shape various industries in the coming year. Interact live with our speaker panel and formulate a plan for your recruiting business to include social, mobile and emerging technologies.

    Speakers: Randy Goldberg, Hyatt, Steve Boese, Oracle, Rick Badgley, Starbucks


    Uncovering the Mystery of the Candidate Application Experience (20 minutes)

    Winner of the ERE Startup Competition at the recent Recruiting Innovation Summit in Silicon Valley, Mystery Applicant will give the audience an inside look at how their product works and the real value for recruiters and recruiting leadership. Join us for our first mobile lab of the day, where we pull back the covers and show you a live demo of Mystery Applicant’s innovative recruiting product that helps to measure the candidate experience on your website and in your applicant tracking system. If you’ve ever wondered about the real data and analyses behind a candidate applying to a job with your company, now you can get it. Their product works in real-time and provides data and insights to help drive best practices in the candidate applicant process.

    Speaker: Nick Price, Mystery Applicant


    How To: Recruit for a Big Brand Without the Big Budget (40 minutes)

    Hear valuable lessons learned about recruiting innovation with the latest technologies, techniques and strategies deployed with limited resources and a shoestring budget. Lars Schmidt, Senior Director, Talent Acquisition for National Public Radio will present on how his thriving media organization is being supported with the use of employment branding leveraging social media, brand advocates and rapid experimentation. See specific examples and metrics about what’s worked, what hasn’t and how to build internal champions for your business.

    Speaker: Lars Schmidt, National Public Radio


    An Inside Look at IBM’s Successful Alumni Program (30 minutes)

    Join Jacelyn Swenson, Manager of IBM Alumni Relations, for a 30 minute Fireside Chat about IBM’s highly successful internal social network, their thriving Alumni Program. Get a complete picture of the inner workings of IBMs alumni program, find out how it works and take away lessons that can apply to your recruiting business. Jacelyn has been with IBM for over 16 years and currently manages strategic programs and community-based, social business initiatives, leading IBM alumni relations worldwide and manages the Great IBM Connection, IBM’s community for past and present IBMers.

    In this live Fireside Chat audience participation will be strongly encouraged, as Jacelyn will field questions and help to brainstorm around effective networks, technologies, strategies and tactics for alumni programs.

    Speaker: Jacelyn Swenson, IBM


    Your Mobile Career Site: Building the Front Page of Your Company (20 minutes)

    Going mobile with your recruiting strategy? The very first step you need to take is to either mobilize your entire website, or at a minimum, mobilize your career site. With searches from job seekers on the rise at nearly 40-50% from mobile devices such as iPhones, Android devices and iPads, how does your career site and jobs match up? Test it for yourself and see how the job search and candidate application process looks like on any 3.5 to 4 inch mobile device. If the experience isn’t good and your mobile website is extremely difficult to navigate, job seekers will get frustrated and move on. Simple as that.

    In this hands-on, interactive Mobile Lab, join Steffan Berelowitz of mobile company, Bluetrain Mobile, as he gives a live demo of what an effective mobile website should look like. See real examples and live functionality of other career sites mobilized by Bluetrain Mobile and get a complete picture on this very important mobile recruiting strategy.

    Speaker: Steffan Berelowitz, Bluetrain Mobile


    Developing Location-Based Mobile Recruiting Campaigns (20 minutes)

    Mobile website? Got one in place? Check. Now that you’ve got a mobile website or mobilized career site, let’s explore a few very creatives avenues for engaging talent on the go, through their mobile devices with location-based technologies. T3, a digital marketing and advertising firm that connects individuals and brands, has a mobile solution for geofencing that helps you create unique mobile messages targeted to very specific geographic areas. In this live demo, recruiting leaders will see exactly how the technology works, where recruiting campaigns can be set-up to reach potential job seekers by city, county, township, even as targeted as a street or individual building. See how a custom message based on a certain geographic area can greatly impact your recruiting efforts. You won’t want to miss this live demo.

    Speaker: Ben Gaddis, T3


    Ready to Move Beyond SMS and QR Codes? Your Next Idea is Here. (20 minutes)

    As a recruiting leader, we’ve all come into contact with a SMS/Text mobile campaign or a QR code effort by now, whether it be directly related to recruiting or not. For the most part, you should have at least a basic to intermediate understanding of how a text message or QR code functions. Recruiting leaders are implementing text messages and QR codes with good success into their recruiting strategies now. Moving beyond these technologies is something unique, called StarStar. In this live and interactive Mobile Lab, hear from Jim Stanley of Zoove, as he demonstrates the StarStar product being used currently by industry leading brands including NFL, ESPN, Capital One, The Weather Channel, Quicken Loans and Suzuki. Get an understanding of how this breakthrough service can fit into your recruiting efforts now and moving forward.

    Speaker: Jim Stanley, Zoove


    Building a Winning Culture and Leveraging Your Brand in Recruiting
    (30 minutes)

    An essential part of any recruiting strategy is building your brand, and with that, making sure you build a strong, effective and vibrant brand. Your brand is one that can’t be looked to or identified like a piece of technology, or even something you necessarily see, but rather a lasting positive impression left on an employee, a competitor and of course active and passive job seekers coming into contact with your company. So, how do you build your brand the right way and take advantage of the brand for recruiting? Michael Long, Head of Culture Branding at Rackspace, and a popular recruiting industry blogger at The Red Recruiter, will take recruiting leaders through a presentation filled with ideas, insight and studies around how to build a “winning” culture and brand for your business and leverage it in your recruiting strategies.

    Speaker: Michael Long, Rackspace


    Social Recruiting Strategies That Really Work (30 minutes)

    Let’s talk social. Join our panel of experts from SuccessFactors, rue21 and Radian6 as we take a deep dive into all things social recruiting, including social technologies, social monitoring tools, communities, sites, strategies and techniques. Over the past several years, many recruiting leaders around the world have taken notice the “social” revolution taking place and have explored, implemented and found success the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

    Facebook, now pushing towards 1 billion active and registered users, gives recruiting leaders an outlet for promoting jobs and getting real engagement with job seekers, in an online community unheard of in the past. LinkedIn, moving toward 200 million online profiles, is the standard and de facto online professional profile for active and passive job seekers and has turned into the top source of talent for some companies. Twitter, pushing towards a half a billion users, provides an outlet for recruiting and sourcing teams to scour for real conversation with all forms of job seekers. With these sites and countless other “social” communities, what are the key strategies that a recruiting leader should know? What are the most important studies and take aways that a recruiting leader can put into practice today?

    In this highly interactive panel discussion, we will encourage recruiting leaders joining us to be vocal and engage our panel in rich discussion around social recruiting.

    Speakers: Will Staney, SuccessFactors, Kelly Costanza, rue21, David Thomas, Radian6


    Recruiting With Mobile Apps on iPhones and Android Devices (25 minutes)

    In this Mobile Lab session, hear from Arie Ball, Vice President of Talent Acquisition at Sodexo on the use of mobile apps as a real and effective recruiting strategy. Get under the hood with Sodexo’s iPhone and Android apps as we explore the justification for building the apps, deploying them, integrating them into their recruiting function and see how they work right from live mobile screens. Walk away with an understanding of how mobile apps fit into your recruiting strategy, as we take you through live examples and field questions from the online crowd.

    Speaker: Arie Ball, Sodexo


    The End of the Resume? (20 minutes)

    As an industry are we finally ready to ditch the resume? Venturocket thinks so. Their model is simple: no resumes, only skills. In this interactive Mobile Lab session, join Marc Hoag, CEO of Venturocket walk through his business that has been heating up media outlets and blogs including TechCrunch, ERE and TheNextWeb. See a live demonstration of how Venturocket works, where job seekers and companies merge into a skills marketplace. Here, users simply list key words and short phrases describing the general professions, explicit skills, unique qualifications and personal characteristics they possess or require. The model is set-up from there to match skills based on a bidding system. Get an idea of how the recruiting industry could take shape.

    Speaker: Marc Hoag, Venturocket


    How to Start a Blog To Support Your Brand Without Losing Your Mind (30 minutes)

    Oh yeah…blogging. In today’s digital world, you’ve heard repeatedly that you and/or your company need a professional blog to build the brand and support your goals from a business perspective. There’s just this one little problem – blogging takes time to set up correctly and even more time to do with quality, consistency and authenticity (translation – to not bore people to death and to make them want to do business with you). It’s hard to get your head around and even harder to execute on.

    Good news – in this session, we’ll bring in insider/human capital blogger Kris Dunn (CHRO at Kinetix, founder of industry focused blogs like the HR Capitalist and Fistful of Talent) to give us the roadmap on how you can start blogging to assist in building your brand without losing your mind.

    Topics Kris will hit on in this session include the following: Why Blogging is worth the time and fits into any digital strategy – some stats, How to create a blog that establishes a thought leadership position and creates content that can be multi-purposed in a variety of ways, What blogging platform is right for you? We’ll cover WordPress, Typepad, Blogger, Tumblr and more, Why the terms “micro-niche” and “micro-topic” are key to your success as a new blogger, Structural types of individual blog posts to ensure writer’s block never prevents you from meeting your content schedule, Topics to cover to properly build a brand for your company within a specific vertical, and How to use mobile, social media and other avenues to distribute the great content on your blog, drive awareness and build your brand.

    All those people are right – you should be blogging as a talent professional. Join us and Kris Dunn will give us the shortcuts he’s learned over as an industry blogger who’s posted every business day for the last 5+ years.

    Speaker: Kris Dunn, Kinetix


    Intel and the Use of iPads for Campus Recruiting (25 minutes)

    In our second hands-on Mobile Lab of the day, join Tavish Ledesma and Michael Gecan, College Relations Managers from Intel, as they dive deep into the use of iPads as a real recruiting strategy. Learn how Intel uses a custom developed iPad app specifically designed to improve their campus recruiting initiatives and increase the number of potentially qualified candidates from several top universities. This team at Intel has used iPads over the course of several months and during several campus recruiting efforts at major universities. Hear valuable insight as to how your company can take advantage of iPads, apps and true “mobile” recruiting. See Intels iPad app live in action as you see exactly how it is used during their campus recruiting programs.

    Speakers: Tavish Ledesma, Intel, Michael Gecan, Intel


    How Verizon Wireless Measures Its Quality of Hire
    (20 minutes)

    Often overlooked after a candidate is hired to an organization, is the data behind that hire after 3 months, 1 year, 2 years and more. How long did they stay on board? How did that employee perform for your organization? Get an idea around the key data points and questions your company should be looking at through the eyes of Cleo Stockhoff, Associate Director, Talent Acquisition and Assessments for Verizon Wireless. Get under the hood and into the data and analytics behind the hire. Understand how Verizon Wireless has learned to predict with great accuracy who will be a good hire and who ultimately will not fit into the organization. Listen to this case study and interact live to learn key take aways for your recruiting business.

    Speaker: Cleo Stockhoff, Verizon Wireless


    Speaking in Code: How Spotify Hires Technical Talent (30 minutes)

    Spotify is one of the fastest growing digital music services today. In the last year, Spotify went from 3 to 100 developers in one group, and in very rapid fashion. Howard Smith, US Tech Recruiting Manager for Spotify was the person responsible for the high-growth of technical talent in such a short time frame. Coders today are essentially the new “rock stars” in almost every area of the country, being pulled to major markets including New York and Silicon Valley. Hear key recruiting strategies and programs that you can adopt to aid your efforts as you strive to engage and hire top technical talent in the industry.

    Speaker: Howard Smith, Spotify


    The Final Word on Mobile Merger 2012

    Bringing Mobile Merger 2012 to a close, Geoff Peterson, Founder of Mobile Merger will recap the major strategies, points and sessions of the day, as well as give additional insight that may have been overlooked. Geoff will also offer the final Mobile giveaway of the day (TBD), and will make a series of important announcements on recorded content, other giveaways, mobile materials and more. You won’t want to miss the Final Word on Mobile Merger 2012.

    Speaker: Geoff Peterson, Mobile Merger