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Essential Facts of Mobile Marketing [STATS]

By Geoff Peterson July 7, 2011 Filed Under: Mobile Marketing
Great article over at Simply Zesty today on Mobile Marketing: The 10 Facts You Need to Know. The post outlines the essential facts to help people and businesses alike get their arms around mobile marketing, helping them to navigate the mobile industry waters. The facts include a breakout of areas such as the app marketplace, mobile internet, mobile commerce and mobile payments along with a look at how photos are prominent in mobile usage. Here are the essential facts of mobile marketing we discovered:
Essential Facts of Mobile Marketing:
  1. With regards to mobile apps: 93% of users who have downloaded a gaming app stated they would be willing to pay for it, and 76% of downloaders would be willing to pay to access a mobile news app.
  2. As far as mobile phone usage: For smartphone owners, they’re using the ‘phone’ 15% of the time, while 56% of time is spent on mobile apps, followed by email and messaging at 19%.
  3. On the topic of mobile commerce: A survey of 15,000 mobile users across 14 countries found that 35% prefer shopping via mobile, compared to 15% who preferred shopping via their laptop or PC.
  4. With mobile advertising: 47% of mobile users in a study claimed they click on mobile ads by mistake, due to the smaller screen size, and this figure will be alarming for many brands, as up to 47% of your ad spend could be completely wasted.
  5. Concerning mobile payments: PayPal recently stated that they’re processing up to $10 million in mobile transactions each day, and even better than that, it is expected to reach $3 billion in total by the end of 2011.
  6. Interesting stat on mobile photos: In a survey of UK smartphone users, 70% use their phones for storing photos.
What are some essential facts of mobile marketing that you aren’t seeing on this list? Do you have any mobile marketing facts you can share with our readers? If so, please add them in the comments section below.

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