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Build a Mobile App in 5 Minutes

By Max Katz September 6, 2011 Filed Under: Demos, Mobile Development
Here’s a sneak peek at the Tiggr Mobile Apps Builder. Max Katz demonstrates how to build a Twitter search mobile app with Tiggr.

Tiggr Mobile Apps Builder is a Web-based platform for building applications that run on any mobile device. Tiggr streamlines processes for cross-platform and multi-device development, enabling users to create and deploy mobile Web and native applications in a fraction of the time it would take coding by hand.

Tiggr Features Include:
  • Zero Download / Zero Installation
  • Prototype and Build with drag-and-drop jQuery Mobile Components
  • Define and Map Services to UI using REST or JSONP
  • Add Events and Actions to Invoke Services
  • Test the App Instantly, via Browser or Mobile Device
  • Build for Different Platforms or Export Source Code with HTML5
To learn more about Tiggr, visit

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